, Georgia

, United States

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2020-02-14 9:04:11
“My family have been involved in model and full scale aviation since the early 1930s. In that time the FAA has become a byword in our lives for regulations which add little to no benefit to our lives (sometimes actually making us less safe) while raising the cost and difficulty of doing what we love. I work full time in model aviation and part time in full scale. The extend to which model aviation has enriched my life and that of those around me cannot be quantified. Aviation has enabled many whom I’ve known and mentored to engage in a uniquely America freedom which spurs its participants on to become more productive citizens. Aviation grows better innovators, communicators, and engineers. There’s something in it for everyone, and that feeling of freedom, be it watching sunlight glowing through tissue on a heaven-bound rubber model, the howl of a pylon racer, or the serene whistle of wind over a full scale sailplane’s canopy is life changing and wonderful. That experience should be grown and fostered, not regulated away to isolated places, and not treated as if its participants are a den of potential drug runners and terrorists whose every move must be tracked by some government agency.”