, Fort Loramie

, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 9:00:31
“Building & designing things is a major way for me to decompress. Having a way to let the stressors of life blow away is important. I have a family and a full-time job and my wife owns her own business. That leaves exactly 0hrs per week to get out and chuck a plane into the air. If I had to go to the local AMA field that is a 30-minute drive one way, I would never get to fly. Which by the way, is a mowed grass strip in the middle of a cornfield. I have plenty of grass strips in the middle of cornfields within 5 minutes of my home. In essence, if I had to go to a sanctioned field, the hobby would be over for me. It’s just not feasible with my most expensive and precious commodity…Time. The only way I could see remote ID improving the safety of people and property is for commercial drones being flown by a computer. And if developed correctly it would probably be used mostly for recovery of drones that had issues and had to land. Amateur builders usually fly in areas they are intimately familiar with. Even when flying FPV they know, “that land over yonder is farmer Bill’s house”. The only thing I don’t build is the micro-drones for flying around the house. Everything else I have hand-built and designed myself. The greatest danger to anyone is to myself when I’m too lazy to take off props! This is a hobby I hope to enjoy for the next 30 years until I’m too slow, blind or crazy to fly. Putting excessive restrictions is a major concern to me in keeping that possibility, possible.”