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2020-02-16 2:16:53
“Flying runs very deep in my family. My grandfather brought me into aviation from very young. My first plane ride (still in diapers) I apparently would not leave the window in awe. My grandfather was an engineer for Lockheed and Hycon cameras and was one of the engineers that designed the cameras for the U2, SR71, space lab, and a couple of Appolo missions. His camera took some of the first pictures of earth from space. I began flying a couple of years back in a Cessna as a real pilot. My RC aviation passion runs strong as It lets me explore the possibilities of new aircraft design and powerplant efficiency. Innovation lays so heavily on our abilities to create with simple materials and a small budget to find new ways aviation can improve. RC aviation brings so much joy and motivation to keep flying. Loosing this would be devastating and have a massive negative impact on so much. Flying is what keeps me alive and what keeps me motivated to look to the skies and wonder, what’s next…”