, Hurst DFW

, Texas

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-16 4:31:27
“Ever since I was very little I have always liked aircraft and I’ve always studied world War 2 and world War 1 as well as the Cold War aircraft have always been a major part of these and as someone who cannot afford to just go out and buy replica aircraft of the real thing I much rather prefer building a model and flying it around at my local park I am extremely poor and cannot really afford the hobby right now as it is however whenever I was little around 12 or so my grandfather got me a yellow bee trainer and we went out we flu it around in a field that wasn’t being used for anything it’s one of the most special memories I have with my grandfather even though I did crash that thing like four times he even flu it and was actually better at it than I was something I was never expecting and as for my own experience is currently I just can’t afford it…. I am constantly in a battle with poverty and I have done everything in my power to keep up-to-date with the hobby even if I can’t build a model right now I still plan on it whenever I have the money to do so it would break my heart if I just never got the ability to do some of the kits and ideas that I wanted to build and try out for myself such as long-distance gliders and FPE and stuffit means a lot to me to be able to do this because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I think that these new rules are really encroaching on this and are just unnecessary… It would really make it almost impossible for me just to go to my park after I build my own trainer or get one and be able to fly around I don’t have the money just to go to anywhere specifically to fly. .. these rules are quite over-reaching and unnecessary for the hobby right now urge for them to be reconsidered immediately this would have serious repercussions on the community especially DIY people and poor people like me who just can’t afford that kind of stuff I can’t afford the time money needed to do these kind of things please take the time and understand from our perspective nothing is really wrong the community sort of follows its own rules and these regulations are completely unnecessary I understand the need for safety but this is going way too far”