, Denmark

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2020-02-16 7:25:24
“Flying UAV’s are learning me new stuff about electronics and avionics, that I have not been presented in my education or in my other hobbies before. I find the stuff I learn very useful for other purposes, so in general it is widening my horizons, even though I feel quite educated. I am a mechanical engineer.I feel there are other ways to create safe air traffic below 400 feet, than using this heavy regulation proposed. I don’t see the need for these regulations, even though the traffic of commercial UAV would increase drastically. The commercial operators should not depend on such a wide use of signals and identification. If they do, in my mind they are not technological ready to start operating. They need to be able to avoid small flying objects like birds and our planes for instance.The FAA proposal mentions national security as a target for the rule proposal. I think the risks are greatly exaggerated. Collisions between our UAV’s and commercial UAV’s could almost only impose a commercial risk. As we are flying in non populated areas, the crash would unlikely cause human danger.”