, St. Joseph

, Tennessee

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-16 2:36:53
“I was a attempting to get my pilots license before life got in the and have missed taking to the air like I did in years past. Partially because of medical issues but mostly because of cost I cannot afford to fly full scale planes anymore. I discovered FPV 5 years ago and I can again take to the sky like in days past. I live in a very rural area the closest AMA field is about 40 minutes away. I have a couple of acres at home and 5 acres at my brothers house where I do most of my flying. These will probably never be fria’s. I’ve talked to AMA club people and don’t really mesh with them. Many of them are a bunch of old guys that like flying in circles. I want to power loop trees and split ‘s’ barns as I do at my bother’s house and at home why should I pay for the privilege to fly around some flat uninteresting field. I even have a small group of old High School friends show up at my brother’s house every other Sunday afternoon to watch and sometimes fly along. IT’S MY PROPERTY WHY SHOULD THE FAA DICTATE WHAT I CAN DO WITH IT BELOW 400 Ft.”