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, Nebraska

, United States

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2020-02-16 22:36:35
“I flew control line planes when in grade school and built many model planes. Then Life got in the way and I didn’t pick up the RC hobby until after I retired. The hours of pleasure building planes from plans and then seeing them fly is something I do not wish to relinquish. My grandson is now showing some interest in my planes and I hope to see him involved in the hobby. I have twelve planes currently that I built from plans and foam board. They are various sizes and complexity. They are all fixed wing and electric powered. I do not have any multi rotor devices and do not have any plans to have one. I think they are the reason for all this wishful control by the government. They give the hobby a bad name. I believe that if the government wants to register the planes for demographic purposes to get a handle on the size of the population that is involved in the hobby that is fine, and the regulation of large commercial drones (multi rotors) that’s fine, but leave the recreational community out of it as we do not constitute a safety hazard to the public. Although our use of the sub 400 foot airspace may be a problem for big corporations who wish to take over our airspace for their personal gain.”