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2020-02-19 1:29:15
“I often consider the amount of time, effort, and care that humans put into doing things that they love. I lump those three ideas under an umbrella term, “Life Currency.” Life Currency is different from monetary currency in many important ways. A few of the standout points being that, it doesn’t inflate with the economy, it can’t be “made” with a business, is never refundable, and it is being spent by every human being on the planet, every second that they are alive. The world’s best Motocross racer” spent a large portion of his/her life currency to pursue passion in the same way that the world’s best gymnast has spent a large portion of his/her life currency on gymnastics. These prodigies likely don’t spend as much of their life currency on TV show series’ and Netflix as the general population, and that’s okay, because in most respects, life currency is fair. Life currency is being spent with the passing of time and anyone can spend their life currency to do something that they love. This life currency is not perfect however. Its an incredibly valuable but fragile currency. At any moment, all life currency devoted to a discipline can be voided. In the event that the world’s best gymnast suffers a terrible injury preventing any further athletic activity, all of the gymnast’s devoted life currency now renders itself significantly of less use. The gymnast not only suffers the loss of the the recoverable monetary currency that was spent on the discipline, but far more importantly, the gymnast suffers the lost life currency that was devoted to a joy-returning activity that can no longer be exercised. In an instant, that life investment is lost. In this same respect, millions of model aviation enthusiasts spanning all ages, have invested not only financially, but also with life currency. The life currency spent on model aviation pays back the enthusiast with an immeasurable benefits to his/her education, experience with innovation, and self-rewarding sense of accomplishment. The life currency spent in the model aviation hobby is at incredible risk of being voided by vastly unnecessary restrictions. As a college student who picked up this fantastic opportunity to learn in middle school, I would be at an incredible loss to see my largest life investment voided by unnecessary and improperly tailored regulation. I dread the thought of being a gymnast grounded by a spinal injury, or a motocross racer with his sport made illegal, or even worse, a model enthusiast with his hobby decimated by improperly crafted regulation. Its late where I live and I need to go to bed so i’m going to end here. Thank you for your time spent reading my message. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you again, Malin Malin Hiles Aerospace Engineer California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo”