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2020-02-19 1:18:42
“It is my passion. I love building, designing, and flying. I honestly couldn’t imagine where I would be without it. Most of the fields/ activities that I spend my time on have come directly from model aviation. I have studied(doesn’t feel like studying when it is just doing what you love) and taught myself electronic engineering, RF theory, software engineering, and a little bit of material science through this hobby. I design my own electronics, make my own antennas, make my own composites, design my own aircraft, and contribute to open source software thanks to this hobby. If this bill is passed without the hobbyist being considered, it will stifle people around the world. It all started with a Flite Test arrow, too. Thank you Flite Test. No matter what happens, you can rest easy knowing you have made the world a better place through flight. Included is a picture of my home where I spend my life. It is not pretty, but it shows my passion. My home will be empty if flying(as we have been safely doing) becomes criminal.”