, Oklahoma

, United States

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2020-02-19 1:03:23
“I love this hobby with all my heart and soul. It saved my life and it changed my life. It teaches us so many things. It teaches many things including: patience, discipline, goal setting, math, science and many many other things. Alot of these things can transfer over into our personal lives and can help us in many ways. In the few short years ive been in the hobby, i have seen so much innovation and creativity. I love flying so much I dream about it. Its made me a happier healthier person. Its given me something to strive for and continues to inspire me every day. The fpv community are some of the most kind and caring people Ive ever known. A diverse group of people with common ideas and goals. I feel so humbled and privilaged to live in a time when I can fly through the air like a bird. A truly freeing experience.”