, Allenton

, Michigan

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 8:22:52
“Been flying forever , both children are flying under 6 yrs old and learning to build and think and design , fly my and neighbors surrounding property with full permission of property owners , nice quiet electric airplanes , line of sight , roughly up to 400′ max and 1/8 mile in either direction of transmitter . Teach safety , building , responsibility , devotion , and family time fun and togetherness . Live in agricultural low population lots farm land district . Have belonged to clubs not overly fond of , have chased flying fields and parks just to have to try many and chased off whenever somebody shows up for other recreations , bought a house and property in country to be able to do what i do , now u all are making it practically impossible to fly and enjoy a family hobby ( shit even my wife flys ) i could have bought a house much cheaper and closer to freinds and family with a lot less property and maintainance if i had known u guys would mess up a great thing and my family has 10’s of thousands of dollars in hobby , hobby shop and airfeild . We all only fly planes , tried drines , any body can fly them , they can fly themselves , no talent necessary no rlegance we dont like or fly them – THEY SHOULD NOT BE GROUPED TOGETHER WITH FIXED WING LINE OF SIGHT AIRPLANES AND ALL AIRPLANES THAT ARE LINE OF SIGHT SHOULD BE EXEMPT FROM ALL THIS NEEDLESS MONEY POWER SKY GRAB BY POLITIONS GETTING PAYED BY BIG CORPORATIONS TO TAKE OUR AIRSPACE AND NOT EVEN A VOTE OR GENERAL PUBLIC KNOWING THEIR REAL INTENSIONS , you are taking my rights Liberaties and freedoms – and these decisions will also lead to FAA voting themselves out and dissappearing also so do what hou will faa you will be gone with or after us . You will not be needed and corporate will have full reighn of the skies . Thanks for being honest and caring aboyt the common man ove r corporate and big money . Shit yall dont have a clue what we all do – you think drones and planes are the same , so shortsighted and uninformed . Guess all you know about is money in the pocket ..”