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2020-02-19 8:19:29
“I am president of an AMA flying club (AMA 5219), have the flying field on my own property – and have been involved with model aviation since 1962 when I built my first plane from kit. I introduced my son at age 12 to the hobby – (currently 30 years old) and he has far exceeded me in all areas (except scratch build and kit build). We enjoy the time together – there is no better way to bond between parent and child. I truly feel that the proposed regulations will put a significant damper on our ability to simply enjoy the time together – rather than worry if we are flying “legally” on our own property. His aircraft requires a significant amount more airspace than currently proposed – we are in the “middle of nowhere” – far from highly populated areas – and feel the limitations, costs to comply, time to register all our aircraft, and then re-register each one will put a hold on this great pasttime. I also design my own aircraft – usually updating vintage aircraft and laser cutting them. From raw wood to fully functional model aircraft. Many of our local pilots have built my kits – I take great pride in my workmanship – and fear that I would not be able to continue this endeavor should I need to spend time and money to assure my kits meet some unnecessary retirements as currently proposed.”