Dr Nevin


, Philadelphia

, Pennsylvania

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 8:21:44
“I am Dr Nevin Leiby, DO, a board-certified full-time Emergency Physician in the busiest Emergency Department in Philadelphia. I am also the founder of the FPV Exchange, designed to permit pilots to buy and sell gear for remote control hobbies locally with other pilots rather than shipping items thousands of miles across the globe. This website grew out of a need to buy sell items locally because large multinational corporations force small local businesses out of operation in their pursuit of cheaper prices and free shipping within 2 to 3 days. Small businesses across the country can not compete with multinational corporations which may potentially use autonomous drones to deliver trinkets directly to our doorstep. I have spent approximately $160,000 of my own savings in the past 6 months to develop and market my website and countless hours of my freetime. I don’t assume that this venture to be successful. I do feel that I have an obligation, however, when I am forced to buy Christmas presents for my children on Amazon since local toy stores and even Toys R Us in my neighborhood in the metro Philadelphia area have been replaced by Target and Walmart. Our local malls have been forced into bankruptcy and replaced with distribution centers disguised as The Home Depot, Best Buy and Michaels. Even though my website hasn’t even opened it’s doors, 3,247 drone enthusiasts in the US have visited my website in the past 45 days. I have had my eyes towards the sky as long as I can remember. I visited an AMA field in Buffalo, NY as a child and dreamed of flight since I was 6. My father was a private pilot but had not resumed flying until I was a teenager. I earned my VFR (Visual Flight Rules) Private Pilot’s license before I graduated high school. I passed the qualifying exam in the Air Force to fly the Northrop T-38 Talon before I decided to pursue medical school. I discovered FPV (First Person View) racing drones after graduation and have since invested approximately $23,000 in more than 45 drones for personal use. I completed my Technician’s Amateur Radio license that I never completed 22 years ago and expect to complete my Part 107 FAA certification easily as a former VFR pilot. I am a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, the FPV Freedom Coalition and several local aviation groups within the Philadelphia, Berks and Schuylkill Country regions. Most importantly, I am a father to two children who both have an interest in RC flight. In the past 2 years since I got into model aviation, I have built approximately 45 quadcopters that I designed and built myself as well as 5 radio controlled airplanes. After a busy day of running between trauma rooms, resuscitations and heroin overdoses, I often decompress and reflect on the colleagues a few years senior to me retiring decades early due to PTSD and the multitudes of stress associated with my chosen profession. Instead of passively numbing my concerns playing a video game or watching Netflix, I am wiring up a flight controller and troubleshooting a motor. Instead of joining with the other physicians who are broken and defeated by the multitude of failures within our healthcare system, Im applying concepts and technology into my work on various committees daily. Instead of facing depression or anxiety myself, I help my fellow pilots in our group battling with their injuries, anxiety, depression and PTSD and united as one in the joy of RC flight. The entrepreneurial spirit within the hobby has caused me to re-evaluate my life. It has ignited my passion to pass along the concepts of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) to my own children and have since attended two rocket launches in Cape Canaveral with my wife and children and I can point out the T-38 Talon on display that they had no idea that had inspired me prior to medical school. It has since spurred me to found three startups of my own and be a co-founder in a forth and read more than five books per month to assist the development and launch of my professional career and startups. Model aviation has spurred my innate desire to grow, build and develop rather than erode in the glow of the television in the early hours of the morning. Instead of going to the movies, my 5 year old daughter is amazed at the creations from my 3D printer for my aircraft. She joins me and several other fathers at a local park and fly multirotors each Saturday. She is able to use a soldering iron and learned how to pilot a small 20 gram drone throughout the backyard. Most importantly, my 5 year old daughter has learned the concepts of troubleshooting, checklists, physics, modeling, 3D printing, procedures and safety mechanisms all through the fascination of flight. She has traveled with me to watch SpaceX launch rockets and routinely asks me to practice math problems at home. My one year old son is fascinated by my drones, flight videos and workbench and I am excited when he can join my daughter and I on the flightline. My nephew, previously engrossed in Fortnite, has joined me flying whenever possible and has started building his own quadcopters. My four cousins in Buffalo who continued to fly at their local field have since graduated as an electrical engineer, a nuclear engineer, a mechanical engineer and architecture and all remain avid pilots. These concepts are not teachable within a classroom and remain impactful decades from the time they are introduced. The thrill of flight has inspired me from the moment I watched barn swallows race through the air as a child. I see the same excitement in the eyes of my own children. Please don’t extinguish it. Please review and consider the recommendations that I propose below as well as the recommendations by the FPV Freedom Coalition. My daughter, my inspiration. FAA: This is why we need to protect hobby RC/FPV flying http://fpvcommunity.com http://fight-for-fpv.com”