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, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-19 15:13:06
“I was first introduced to flying RC models at the age of 12 and it is a hobby I have been passionate about for 23 years. My dad and I flew RC airplanes every weekend until I left for college to pursue an aerospace engineering degree at the age of 18. Now, as a 35 year old business owner I have the opportunity to start my own business in the hobby, designing and selling digital files of 3D printable RC aircraft. The proposed FAA regulations would put a huge damper on not only my business but the hobby as a whole. There are countless stories of kids who became interested in aviation through the RC hobby who went on to pursue careers in aviation. The long term effect of this proposed regulation will mean fewer people in the hobby, resulting in fewer educational opportunities for younger generations, and ultimately, fewer young adults and students entering the aviation and aerospace industries to pursue careers. The FAA will essentially be shooting itself in the foot.”