, Warren

, Michigan

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 15:12:15
“Flying model aircraft has been an instrumental tool in bonding with my special needs son and helping him to develop social and analytical skills he would normally be denied. I’ve been building and flying model airplanes for the better part of 30 years. Together, my son and I have designed, built, and flown our own foam board aircraft. The smile on his face when he is at the controls is priceless. We fly only line of sight, and follow all of the AMA safety guidelines. Many of our designs last less than one full flight due to their experimental nature and in most cases cost less in unrecoverable materials than the proposed cost of registration that would be imposed if Remote ID is implemented as currently written. We currently own 53 model aircraft, some store bought, some personally constructed. Due to my full time job, I am only able to get out to fly with my son on weekends, and the nature of the weather on many of those weekends, along with personal obligations, means that many of these aircraft may see airtime less than 1 day per year. Given the proposed cost of $5.00 per aircraft for registration, I would simply be unable to continue down this path of aerodynamic study with my son if these additional costs and restrictions are levied against us, as the costs would be prohibitive, forcing a decision for each aircraft as to whether it will ever see airtime again, along with greatly increased drive times to FRIA locations for failed maiden flights that could easily have been performed at a local school yard.”