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2020-02-19 15:02:16
“I am a Commercial rated (Part 61) pilot and flight instructor. I am pursuing a career in aviation. Like many great people in my industry (including the likes of Neil Armstrong) the love of aviation was instilled in me at a young age through modeling and flying model remote controlled aircraft. I believe it is paramount to let young people create and explore the skies (within sensible laws). While remote ID doesn’t directly effect pilot training and the current pilot shortage, not having the joy of aviation easily accessible to young people will hurt our industry as a whole. I volunteer much of my time trying to get more people involved in this industry that has provided so much to me. It will be that much more difficult to do so with confusing and cost restrictive laws. I have many more concerns and of course my personal enjoyment will be effected, but chiefly I am concerned with the legacy these laws will leave behind.”