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2020-02-19 18:04:25
“MY STORY Hi! My name is Adam Terry. I’m 25. I got started in the radio controlled aircraft hobby in late summer of 2016, right after graduating from an Aircraft Maintenance Technician program with my Airframe and Powerplant certificate. My first RC airplane was the Flite Test Tiny Trainer. Incredibly, I believe I learned more about electricity, aerodynamics, structural engineering, aircraft design, avionics, troubleshooting and hands-on skill than I did during my two year A&P program! Since then, the RC hobby has gripped me like nothing else. Not only have I become much more knowledgeable in STEM-related focuses (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), I have become much more confident in my own skills and ideas. This has led to an improved self esteem and a much needed outlet for my creativity. The RC hobby, and the people that make it up, has had such a positive impact on my life that I now have a YouTube channel (RCwithAdam) focused on sharing that impact with others. I believe that RC aircraft, whether foam airplanes or FPV racing drones are excellent for teaching people not only about STEM concepts and applications, and hands-on skill, but also about important life lessons like patience, perseverance, and decision making. I can clearly remember when I was troubleshooting my first FPV racing quadcopter (Eachine Wizard X220) after it arrived because I could NOT get it working and did not have the knowledge to understand why. It was so very frustrating. I almost gave up. But I didn’t. I didn’t give up for two reasons; First because I had seen in videos how amazing these quads are when they are flying, and the thought of being able to experience that myself kept me going. Secondly, because a guy named Joshua Bardwell took the time to make YouTube videos explaining how these drones worked, I learned how to overcome the issues and got it flying. The sense of accomplishment and gratitude was overwhelming! This is just one of many times that made me think “If I can learn, adapt, and persevere to conquer this problem, what else can I achieve?” I believe in this so much that I’ve decided to make it my full time career in 2020! Many young people struggle to decide what they want to “do” with their life. I had always hated the question “what do you want to be doing in five years?” because I never had a good answer. But about a year ago, I finally had the answer. This! This is what I want to be doing in five years! I want to be teaching and encouraging and building people up with the amazing tool that is the radio control hobby! MY CONCERNS REGARDING REGULATION I am certainly VERY concerned about regulations that could bring this very positive and meaningful hobby (and industry) to a practical end. The RC aircraft hobby (unmanned, amateur-built fixed-wing and multirotor aircraft, with and without cameras and other onboard technology) is a VALUABLE resource, particularly students and innovators, and NEEEDS to be protected from airspace infringement and improperly-applied laws. SUGGESTIONS REGARDING AIRSPACE 1. All class G and E airspace up to and including 100 feet AGL will be designated for “Free Use by the People” and will be unregulated except in very specific circumstances in which safety is shown (with evidence) to be a legitimate concern. 2. Flights taking place entirely BELOW the height of the tallest trees in the immediate area are exempt from all airspace regulation. These types of flights will be known as “Shielded Flights.” (About 90% of all my flying takes places in “shielded airspace” already). THANK YOU I couldn’t close this letter without acknowledging and saying “THANK YOU!” to Josh Bixler and the Flite Test team. It is not an understatement to say that Flite Test has truly changed my life (and for the better!). Since 2014, Flite Test’s videos and resources have been a source of education, entertainment, inspiration, and encouragement in my life. Thank you. All the Best, Adam Terry”