, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-19 18:18:27
“I started flying quadcopters in 2016 after watching a video uploaded to youtube. The video showed two fpv drones, both lit with l.e.d.s ; flying through some woods. After that video I knew this hobby was something I wanted to do myself. I learned from the online community everything needed to assemble, program and tune my quadcopter. Its a great challege to those who like to fiddle with electronics. Prior to getting into fpv I had soldered maybe twice. I started myself out with a non fpv quadcopter, a 250 size kit actually learning about soldering was one of the first things fpv taught me that is usefull outside of the hobby itself. Eventually I got a fpv setup for myself and with camera mounting options learned about 3d printing… Pretty cool stuff. We use 3d printing for fixating things to the quadcopter. I knew that 3d printing was something interesting for me to get into. After everything was together I then recorded footage which led me into yet another avenue of learning. This time learning to edit a decent video. Eventually this expanded into making 3d video graphics within another program to use in edits. Now from learning g code with 3d printing and my general know how around flashing, programming, assembling, testing and tuning Ive gotten the mindset to making a diy cnc… For me and many others, fpv has helped us learn, to expand that knowlege and to share it with others with a like mindset. I would hope for those just now getting in the hobby that legislation will not get in their way of enjoying this amazingly educational past time of mine.”