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, United States

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2020-02-19 17:58:58
“Short simple I go by abvevo in our community. I’m a licensed part107, aff (classc) and ultralight pilot. I’ve been in the aviation community for 15 years and I can currently fly my ultralight with less restrictions than the FAA is proposing for Uav. That itself is odd to read right? When I run a multigp chapter for racing, assist with steam programs and want to get people excited about aviation it’s becoming more more challenging. So remote ID would ground 80% of our community for what? So the government I served and fought for in the Army can take away even more freedom! I believe in the years we have been flying there has been zero issues with fpv multirotors. Now Dji and Parrot on the other hand have been selling there drones to the masses & have cause ATC shut downs, plane crashes and tons of other laws have been broken. So as a whole and a community why do you at the FAA want to punish our community and sell our airspace to the companies that have brought such horrible Uav reputation already. To each their own but remote ID is just another hoop to jump through for no apparent reason.”