, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-19 19:53:30
“For my family this is the one hobby we all partake in together. We all fly FPV from Micro sub 150g up to 950g quadcopters. In total we have built from scratch together over 15 quadcopters and in doing so I’ve been able to teach my children micro electronics, programming skills, cad design, 3D printing, radio wave transmission and analysis of surrounding terrain. We’ve worked with our school to build clubs and curriculum that has introduced numerous students to aeronautics and engineering skills that they never thought was possible. By implementing these regulations we will be unable to fly as a family together and safely enjoy a hobby we have built and shared for over 3 years. Thousands of dollars invested would be lost and worst of all, my children’s interest in science technology engineering and math (STEM) will be squashed because the government feels we can’t fly even in our own yard without monitoring our quads we built specifically for our own enjoyment in a safe manner. When all is said and done, we as hobbyists will not just lose our love of flight but we will end up losing a community of fellow enthusiasts who we’ve learned so much from over these years as it is very clear these regulations were written explicitly to keep up grounded with the only goal being to dig further into our pockets and make accessible private information that need not be shared with anyone.”