, Fort Benning

, Georgia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-19 19:40:10
“Flying has connected me to my Dad. He and I have always had remote control hobbies in common. With the Advent of FPV multirotor drones, he and I have something that we can do and share together even though we live 1,200 miles apart due to me being in the Army. He flies and sends me his videos on his progress and I do the same. When we are together we always go fly. This hobby has also started to bring my own kids into something that they can share with their Papa. The photo I submitted is a selfie that I took of my local multirotor club in Columbus, GA. I am wearing the Star Wars shirt and my dad is wearing the orange shirt. This was when my dad was in town visiting and we went out to fly with the club, and no, we were not at a sanctioned field, but we’re following all current laws and regulations.”