, North Carolina

, United States

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2020-02-25 11:28:02
“I am 64, retired and fly my foamies and my toy quadcopters for fun as my main hobby. I do own a DJI Spark drone that I fly at home mostly but would like to take to remote scenic locations to take some cinematic video for my own use and to post on my YouTube channel for my friends to enjoy. Remote ID would just kill this hobby for me as well as thousands of others like myself who rely on RC piloting as their main hobby. I am not completely informed on what all this would impact for hobbyists but I have heard enough about it to know that this proposal will certainly affect this RC hobby as a whole in a very negative way. There has to be a way to compromise on this. I fly responsibly as I know many other do. Regulations to govern the rogue pilots that try to ruin this hobby certainly should have to be punished and I think that giving responsible pilots rules that could allow them to police the hobby with a reporting system would suffice in order to keep the air safe. Please don’t let the FAA punish the many for the sins of others.”