, Vista

, California

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-25 11:24:47
“I have always wanted to get into the RC flying hobby, after subscribing to Youtube channels like Flight test I see the barrier to entering the hobby has come down. The ease of building and reduced cost has made it possible to enter the hobby and enjoy. I also have been really interested in multi rotor drones for filming vacation locations and possibly FPV (First Person View) drone racing. I was gifted a Drone for Christmas but have since returned it because I wanted something with more features. I have yet to purchase one because of the up coming regulations. So I have put my hobby plans on hold because I do not want to get a drone and then find out I will not be able to flight it without jumping through hoops and paying fees and permits. Also I am closing in on 60, since Drone piloting is not a high physical activity, I was considering taking course for Drone piloting and getting a License to fly commercially in order to supplement my income. Thank You for your time”