, Wisconsin

, United States

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2020-02-25 12:22:42
“I build, tune, and fly my own drones. I enjoy racing and freestyle, which doesn’t take me beyond the line of sight. My altitude is typically well below 200′ and my range is typically well within 600′. The areas I fly in are unpopulated fields, parks, school grounds, indoor facilities with a steel structure, and finally, my yard. Under the NPRM, I would not be able to fly at any of these locations. My concern with the added rules and regulations of the NPRM is that many thousands of hobbyists who would normally be present to hold other pilots accountable, would no longer be flying. This is why I believe that the NPRM is bad for not only hobbyists, but for the skies as well. It will not make the skies safer, rather, it will remove the self-policing of the skies by hobbyists, something that has been effective for decades of RC flight.”