, Franklinville

, New Jersey

, United States

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2020-02-21 18:19:18
“This hobby has brought me and my brothers together! It gives us something we are all interested in and allows us to compete against each other, to see who has the lightest, fastest, and most durable build. Me being the oldest, and an electrical engineer, really appreciate how this has gotten my younger brothers interested in engineering, computer science, and physics! My youngest brother in high school wasn’t always interested in school, but this has changes ever since I have gotten him into the hobby. I do believe there needs to be regulation, but not nearly as restrictive as it will be. Most hobbyists who build their drones understand there capabilities and are smart about what they should and shouldn’t do. What concerns me are the people who can purchase a drone for $500 and don’t understand the technology they are working with. Every drone that can be easily purchased and flown should come with an activation code or something that they can only fly it after taking a quiz online, or reading something. People need to be EDUCATED, not RESTRICTED!”