, Missouri

, United States

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2020-02-21 17:38:55
“My RC planes are made of styrofoam and balsa wood. In my area local parks, ball fields, playgrounds and adjacent fringe property is 98% unused without anyone on them. If there is someone there I do not fly, and select another place. The “RC” flying field within driving distance to me requires special membership fees and dues which already are over $160 per year. I can buy a new plane or radio equipment for that money. The field is small and on top of a very windy hill. Sometimes people see my planes and drive to the park. Walk over to me and ask me questions about the model(usually historic in nature) And how to get into the hobby. COST is the #1 barrier people state when wanting to do this hobby. This is a real life video game and kids learn a lot about real science, we should be making less barriers to enter than more. The AMA is using this as an opportunity to require membership and make money. most accidents that I have seen and heard about occur at THE AMA field, where they fly gas powered models and real turbine aircraft. Please leave the small modelers out of the burocracy, we are many thousands across the USA (just visit the online forums and see) We fly mostly electric styrofoam like aircraft we aren’t hurting anyone and are welcoming and courteous people. This seems to be about delivery companies like FEDEX, UPS, USPS pushed by retailers like Amazon that want to control airspace for profit. I do not want drones and delivery vehicles flying over my house all the time. Seems to me there are already enough regulations against flying over populated areas than to create burdens on people who have enjoyed a hobby for over 40 years without bothering anyone. People who have bad intent will not follow any regulations or laws anyway, it only punishes the good people.”