, Minnesota

, United States

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2020-02-21 18:29:00
“For people who love aviation, R/C aircraft has the means to allow ordinary people the enjoyment of flight without the financial burden (or health concerns that may prohibit) that which comes with full scale aircraft. It also allows creative design of aircraft (STEM) being proud that you can test your own aircraft design(s) by actually building and flying it. This involvement in aviation promotes a lasting fellowship of like minded individuals with friendships lasting throughout this world. I personally own an airport (73IA) with two full-scale aircraft and hope to continue flying R/C aircraft, something I truly LOVE. Model aircraft was introduced to me when attending EAA chapter meetings at airports. Yes I can attest.. even back in the 1960’s, R/C aircraft was safely being flown at airports without incident. If safety is the concern for the new FAA proposed rules, lets get the aircraft that requires no piloting skills and can operate out of line of sight under control.”