, Canada

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2020-02-21 17:44:39
“I have been building rc planes/drones from balsa wood since I was 13 years old (the mid 1960), For the Faa to basically take that away from me would be catastrophic. I am 62 years old now, building and flying is therapy/entertainment and so much more. This hobby has taught me electronics, programing, aerodynamics, love of flight, patience,soldering and things I can’t even put into words. To take this away from our children/grandchildren would be ridiculous as they already have so much negativity to deal with. Remote id could be a very use full tool, Although how it is written the FAA is over reaching, These rules/laws as they are written are much to strict, And extremely evasive to all rc pilots/owner’s privacy, Having my information given to a 3rd party would put my information at risk, although for the police to have this information would be reasonable (same as a Motor Vehicle license). But not for anyone in the public domain. For the public to know exactly where the pilot is could very possibly put the pilot in harm’s way. As the NPRM is written it will be much to expensive for all pilots concerned. I love to build and fly rc wings/planes/and drones this does not mean I should have to pay for you to see me fly. Paying for registration is more than adequate. There must be a fair compromise. For these rules to go through would be a slap in the face to all honest law abiding rc pilots.”