, Indiana

, United States

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2020-02-21 21:48:48
“My story starts back when I was 5 or 6 years old watching a PT-17 dusting the corn fields next to the house. I took my first introductory plane ride at 9 years old in a Cessna150. 1985 I was accepted into the Spartan School of Aeronautics in Tulsa Ok.. It was here where I found out I could never become a pilot due to being blind in one eye. I went back home to New Mexico at the time, and traded my camper for a Weedhopper ultralight. I was determined somehow or another I am going to fly, and I did. Year and a half later I had to sell the ultralight and move back to Indiana. No big deal, I will get me another once I get reestablished. Well that never happened, I became ill and was pushed into disability. A year and 8 months ago is when I took up flying scale planes. I bought myself a Spectrum DX6e, a used ApprinticeS, joined a local club, the AMA, and learned to fly RC. I later on bought two UMX planes, a Fun Cub, and an Monocoupe. I had to let the club membership and the AMA go because I simply don’t have the funds any longer. I am one of those who fly in the back country void of buildings, people, cars, and trees. I have a clear line of sight for miles. I can hear anything coming long before It comes into view, giving me plenty of time to put my bird back on the ground. If these new laws come into play, it will actually destroy me. I have become overly addicted to flying and more than likely will have my flight box and whatever planes I have on me confiscated (stolen) and fined, jailed, or whatever they decide to do with old farts like me who are most likely going to fly regardless. I hate talking like that but they are regulating something that has never caused any real harm to anyone at any time ever.”