, Saint George

, Utah

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-21 21:59:45
“I am a beginner (new comer) in the recreational RC hobby. I currently have an Apprentice STS from Hobbyzone, that my wife bought me for Christmas. I have always been an enthusiast. that enjoys building foam board glider and powered aircraft for the purpose of learning for myself and my Family. I am learning every day and I am teaching my children about flight, and getting them interested in the wonderful world of aviation. I am not a member of any local club, or association because 1. I can not afford the annual dues/fees. 2. I do not fly at a fixed flying field (its too far away). I fly my planes at local parks and open fields. It is cheaper and closer for me to fly where there is space to do so. Because I am a dispatcher for a regional airline(part 121 carrier). I have the knowledge of the FAR’s and part107 rules. Thus I have looked up the approach plates (charts) for my local airports to ensure that I do not interfere with any approach or departure procedures of aircraft or any GA or commercial operation. A lot of people don’t have access to this kind of information and also don’t even know about it or how to find it. With these new rules for Remote ID that are currently proposed, I would no longer be able to afford to participate in this currently fun educational hobby. With requiring a subscription to a service that has not even been developed and requiring me to install equipment into my aircraft that also has not been developed, seems ridiculous and overbearing. With a subscription the “PER aircraft” would absolutely make it impossible for me to enjoy this hobby. There are many days and weeks that I do not and cannot fly my aircraft due to time, weather and other factors. A monthly or even yearly subscription for a service I would be required to be paying for? It would be something that I would hardly use. I.E. a waist of MY money. been working on this comment and still not yet done. much more to add.”