, Boxborough

, Massachusetts

, United States

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2020-02-22 7:24:03
“I started building planes with my father 40 years ago, skipping head a decade in graduate school another student got me back into it with an electric glider, (which I never got very good at flying). I took ~20 years off until I got a DJI Phantom as a gift which led me through YouTube to discover FliteTest. The foam board planes were an amazing way to become a good pilot (I never really had an opportunity to learn from a more experienced pilot) and gave me a way to share this hobby with my kids. I have now progressed to building larger more durable balsa planes but some of my favorite planes to fly are still FT foam board planes (Arrow, Sportster, Sea Duck), and other DIY models (Polaris), I have only a few Bind and Fly models.”