, Canada

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2020-02-22 8:13:03
“Model flying has been an important part of my relationship with my Dad since he got me involved in 1965. Even with me moving away and there being over 2,400 miles between us at times we had this hobby to talk about, share experiences as well as using on-line buying to gift each other with surprises at Birthdays etcetera. The time spent learning the theory of flight, building techniques and the skills required to fly in my opinion are irreplaceable and made-up a substantial portion of my relationship with my father an now with my grandson who is 12. My Dad spent more time in full scale flying later in life but always had a passion for RC planes. He was an active member of the EAA, IAC and it is amazing how many pilots and aircraft restorers have modelling in their early resumes. There is a need for controls but an easy “paint everything with one brush” mentality is not fair and will not impact those who choose to do wrong.”