, Oregon

, United States

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2020-02-22 12:01:55
“Hi I fly FPV drones a total of 8 and fly fixed wing airplanes electric. Some scratch built and store bought. All to gather 15 rc models. I work full time and most weekends. With limited time to fly. Most of the time I get a couple hours to fly and relax from the long hard work schedule. This hobby somehow is very magical in a way that it makes one feel free like a bird. By far it’s the most safest way to just let go of all the stress of life! But I feel with this new proposal, that burden of financial and worrisome feeling that someone will be trying to take away that feeling of freedom, my alone time, and knowing that there might be a huge possibility that I will never get to teach my two kids this magic through flying just hurts so much! This proposal can’t happen. If so I’m afraid that my hobby and all the great experiences and escapes from hard times will be lost forever.”