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2020-02-22 11:57:30
“I am 64 y/o and have been in this hobby for 15+years. Started with building balsa kits like Sig Hog[ bipex2 builds],Sig Mini sport[ Bipe] ,Topflight Corsair,Telemaster,Herr Cub, Mini extra[modified], Greatplanes RV4-40, Greatplanes Extra 300s, Bird Of Time [soaring/sail plane[], Skimmer[soaring/sail plane],Herr seaplane, Tower Hobbies Uproars[several],Tarot 650 sport quad with Eagle treen control system assembled and programed. I have 4 epp wings for fpv flying ,1 assassin,1Rebel,1Cantina,1 Chimera. all built from kit and different choice of power. 6+ quads ranging from 100mm to 650mm in size and all home assembled with chosen parts. Almost ready to fly, great planes extra, Funjet, DJI spark with all hardware to fly, and a ton of misc ARFS that hang on the walls unused but still can be rebuilt if ever the desire arrises. Currently working on a under 250gram quad to use my new DJI hd goggles and air unit camera. total cost of this build is approx $1000.00+ when finished. Noway to est my investment in the hobby over the last 15 years,i love hanging with my friend on the field and it keeps me thing of new builds all the time. Heres the bottom line,I fly at a AMA field not near an airport that isn’t FAA recognized. If the ID regulations as written go through….everything i have done to enjoy my weekends after work will be UN_USEABLE!!!!! Totally screwed. Also the clubs near me are not Heli/quadcopter FPV friendly ,so joining them is out of the question. I hope after paying my taxes all these years my goverment will rewrite the regulations, encourage young people to join the hobby,not shut down hobby store both localy and online. After 3 heart attacks,I need this hobby to relax after a long week at work.”