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2020-02-22 12:48:29
“Being introduced to remote aircraft is one of the key reasons I chose to pursue engineering. At university most of my design work was done in the context of scratch-built model aircraft. The proposed restrictions would make this sort of experimentation nearly impossible, confining many of those who wish to pursue aviation to computer games and simulations. The experience I gained through model aircraft design was one of the main reasons I was able to obtain an internship with a top aerospace defense contractor earlier than usual in my college career. Easily accessible airspace is critical to forming the next generation of engineers and scientists. As a concerned citizen I am always careful to fly in a way that does not disturb or endanger others. The proposed rules make responsibly hobby flying and education nearly impossible,. These rules cater instead to commercial interests who wish to close the airspace to anything that might interfere with their operations. The picture on the next page shows the aircraft my design team built for a competition. Given our limited resources, the team would struggle to continue if the proposed rules are implemented.”