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2020-02-22 13:22:46
“Regarding Remote ID – Please do not burden a system that has been in place and working within the airspace of the USA safely since the inception of Radio Control aircraft. I have been an RC aircraft modeler for over 40 years and I own micro to 1/3 scale along with complex helicopters, an active licensed pilot since 1987 and I see no reason that the proliferation of Unmanned Arial Systems (“Drones”) and a pool of uneducated and uninformed pilots creating a need for over burdensome regulation that will force the traditional model aircraft industry out of business. Something I don’t see mentioned much either is the safe operation by the Model Rocket community – they also have been acting in a safe and responsible manner for many decades without incident. This is insanity and government regulation at it worst. Why have freedoms to participate in these hobbies for decades now be saddled with unnecessary requirements? What is driving this need now? I have commented to the FAA.”