, Oklahoma

, United States

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2020-02-22 13:21:27
“RC flying is something I do to relax and get away from the everyday stresses of the world. I fly in my backyard in the evenings and weekends and live in the country, so traveling to flying sites is not typically an option. This hobby has given me a means to teach my children about flight and encourage them to look at new options for potential careers. My son is actually interested in the newly formed branch of the military, Space Force, and I believe that his involvement with me in this hobby helped inspire his interest. Based on the advancements in this hobby, we now also have a camera drone platform that we take amazing landscape photos and videos and the kids have used it to make movies which has led to one of our daughters now wanting to major in film. All great outcomes of a relatively unrestricted hobby that current laws govern effectively. My son and I have in the last few years ventured into FPV and while neither of us are good at it, it provides us an opportunity to get into the cockpit so to speak where we are unable to do so otherwise. In all of our flights, we have never had neighbors complain, rather they come out of there homes to watch us fly and perform acrobatics that most do not get to see. This hobby has the ability to bring people together for good and education that are not possible with many other hobbies.”