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, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-22 14:24:42
“I’ve had a lot of hard times in the past few years and getting into the hobby gives me and many others something to focus on. It’s a shame that these restrictions are going to stop so many people from entering the hobby when it could have honestly helped them in ways that are more positive for someone growing as a person. This hobby gives people not only the ability to focus on something else, but also to learn so many other trades in the process. I was able to start picking up on how to 3d / cad design, learned soldering and how to fix components / electronics, learned so much more about physics and other sciences in the process. It’s a shame they would like to regulate in such a way that would stop people from even wanting to deal with the hassles of getting started. There’s already a huge learning curve for most people who don’t already have a tech background. Even I had trouble getting started and getting help with what I needed and I do have a background that made those things a little easier for me but can see how that would put off anyone else especially when they find out they are going to have to leak their location every time they want to fly legally. what’s going to happen when people start looking to meet up with their favorite pilot and they just pull up an app to find out where the person is flying? I see many more issues like this possibly happening if these regulations go into place.”