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2020-02-22 15:45:26
“Hi My name is Tony, I’m a 43 year old guy who for the last 15 years have suffered from depression. I found it very hard to cope most days and apart from going to work very rarely went out the house. About 2 years ago I got myself a drone from Amazon and haven’t look back since. I now have a deep passion for this hobby and I can now build my own drones have taught myself how to use a computer and have also been learning how to edit the footage I capture, it also gets me outdoors as much as I can now, and I’m a lot healthier for it. As of this moment drones seem to be getting a lot of attention and I understand the need for some kind of regulation, but the proposals that are being put forward at the moment don’t lend them selfs well to the general public. In my opinion the regulation should be looked at from the point of view of the hobbyists and not the corporation view as it’s the people who should have the freedom of this world not big corporations. Yes we need regulation but it needs to be more in the form of the registration and flyer id like with cars even compulsory insurance would not be a bad thing. But as in everything in life there will be those that choose to ignore any kind of regulation, but it dose not seem fair to punish those who only fly within the rules and always consider there environment before taking flight. Here in the U.K. we have just introduced the flyer id and that caused an uproar but I think it’s the best way forward personally, having a small registration sticker so you can be traced and held accountable if you crash or cause damage is perfectly acceptable or even some kind of black box that is programmed with your flyer id that is attached to your drone would be acceptable. In my opinion anything that broadcasted personal data and location is not going to work and will only increase the illegal use of drones and or destroy a great hobby and passion for a lot of people. Thanks Tony Bowkett”