, Bozeman

, Montana

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 15:49:30
“I started flying a quite a few years ago, in seventh grade, with scratch built foam airplanes from plans. In the following years, I have become a better builder and designer, and a much better pilot. I currently fly in three main places, being an airfield run by a local club, a field owned by my grandparents, and an open field next to a park. The hobby has become my main hobby, and with Remote ID, I might have to leave the hobby entirely. Flying is more than just a toy to everyone involved. The hobby is about the process of designing, planning, building, and at the end, being able to make your creations fly. There is entire communities of people behind it, at the club I attend, at flying events such as FliteFest. The process of remote ID will discourage many, if not most people from joining or staying in the hobby. Remote ID is unnecessary, invasive, and intimidating for those both casually and heavily in the hobby.”