, Sweden

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2020-02-22 15:58:39
“Long time ago as a teenager a went to my local flyingfield. I didnt own any air craft myself, but i loved to listen to The old pilots when they talk about their homemade air craft and different solutions they Come up with. That Day i decided that when i get older i want to be just like they are. What i get hooked on was The passion and friendship and The feeling of freedom when i looked at those aircrafts up in The sky. Now 30 years later i am that passionate Pilot that i loved to Bee around, and there are plenty of us. The community is just fantastic, we talk, we share, we help and we lern of each other. I understand that not all of us fly in a safe way but most of us do, you Will always find some rotten eggs IF you search Hard enough, but that doesnt just apply on us. So The big question is how to keep our hobby safe without killing it. Your suggestion Will kill The hobby and those Who want to act in a bad way Will find a way, i mean using a drone in a criminal way. I think if all stores that sells drone must inform you The rules Will help alot. I mean Now someone can buy a drone in The morning, arm it and fly away without knowing anything about drones and rules. My second thought is there should Bee an app in your Phone where you can identify yourself in a map, i am flying in this area. In that app there should be information if its okay to fly in your area, if there is some military training or some kind of event that makes it illegal to fly there The map should Bee marked red. Okay thats all I have to say for Now and please dont take our hobby away from us.”