, Kalamazoo

, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-22 15:49:34
“I have had a love affair with aircraft and flying ever since I was a very young boy. I would draw pictures of planes at less that 5 years of age. I started building paper and plastic models while in grade school. I joined the USAF and became a Jet Aircraft Crew Chief. I continued my education in the USAF and at one got my student pilots licence just after I got out of the USAF. I have flown model aircraft since about 1975. I am a active member in my local AMA sponsored flying club, where I am also the club flight instructor. I help teach people of all ages to fly R/C models. I hope to continue to fly as long as there is not such a burden placed on people such as myself an also hope that our clubs and CBOs are allowed to continue to offer education and flight training for those young and old who are interested in the aviation hobby or are looking to learn more, as some young people do and pursue a career in the aviation industry.”