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, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 15:58:16
“I have been flying and building multirotor quadcopters since 2014. In this time I have never had incident with either people on the ground or with manned aviation in the sky. All of my flying occurs between 0 feet to maybe 30 feet above the tree tops. It’s not possible for me to be in the way of manned aircraft unless they happen to be in the act of crashing to the ground already as there simply is no manned aircraft that flies at the altitudes that I fly. Myself and the group I fly with always insure that we fly with safety in mind. None of us wants to cause any injury to anyone. I self police myself when choosing places to fly. If it seems even remotely possible that people could come into my flight path at the area I’m in I just don’t fly there and go somewhere else. We seek out spots where there is no one around so that we can fly without worrying about causing issues. Everyone in this hobby has been living in fear of Faa regulations since registration was implemented years ago. There is no justifiable reason that my quadcopter needs to have remote id or that I should only be able to fly it at some boring AMA field filled with plane pilots that don’t want me there. I shouldn’t have to drive an hour away to fly somewhere that i don’t even want to fly at in the first place. There is also no reason our government and the Faa should be beholden to the Amazon’s and UPS’s and Googles of the world over the will of this countries citizens. Stop being owned by money and do what is right for the people. Act like you were raised well and know how to act with integrity. This hobby is key to my mental health as I work a very stressful job and flying is very peaceful and great stress relief. If you pass these regulations all you will do is create a great number of people who will not comply which makes the regulations pointless as they will not accomplish your goal. I will not stop doing something that I have safely been doing for years without incident. I will continue to fly regardless of these regulations.”