, Canada

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2020-02-22 15:51:40
“I am a 16 year old FPV pilot that got into this hobby for the things that it teaches you. I’m working towards being an Aerospace Engineer and this hobby is one of the few things keeping me interested. not only will these rules make the cost become higher but limit Pilots to what they can and cannot do. Most of the companies that sell parts will go out of business. therefore forcing pilots to buy ready to fly gear making it extremely expensive. This does not add any more to the safety of flying and will stop the hobby all together. I have met people that are going trough rough times in their lives and this hobby is one of the things that is keeping them happy in life. flying is not just a hobby for some people but their way of living and surviving. the amount of people affected by this decision is massive. so please stop making decisions before thinking of the outcomes. thank you”