, Midland

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-26 9:05:40
“I am a commercially rated pilot with a full time job in the air transportation industry. I love everything aviation, and have a passion for sharing my love of flying with others. While I’d love to spend my free time working on, flying, and sharing full scale aviation with others, it’s simply too cost restrictive. So I spend my time in real airplanes going where the big cheese in the back wants to go. As a hobby, model aviation is a great, almost zero risk, way to have fun with airplanes, helicopters, multi-rotors, and yes, even boring self leveling drones! I strongly believe model aviation, and recreational drone use poses little to no threat to General and Commercial Aviation. Especially if proper educational material is provided to the public. Most people don’t want to cause a problem. Most people don’t want to get in trouble with the law. And most people certainly don’t want to put anyone else at risk because they are acting recklessly. At the moment there are regulations in place restricting where a drone may be operated. (How high, how close to airports, over populated areas, etc.) These restrictions are very important and should be widely disseminated among the recreational flying population. However, requiring remote identification for all remotely controlled aircraft would be an unnecessary overstep that could harm a wonderful pass time enjoyed safely, every day, by thousands of responsible people.”