, San Luis Obispo

, California

, United States

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2020-02-26 9:13:15
“Coming from a multigenerational family of fliers, I chose not to fly full-scale planes, but did indulge my need to fly with my chosen career though the use of models. From building, design, combat, competitive flying, and photography. I have run the gamut. I now have children of my own who are coming of age and will hopefully fly with me in the future – while putting virtually nobody at risk. These rules make those dreams much less a reality. Do I need to move into the realm of unregulated ultralights to fly with my family? Putting potentially all of us at risk? Not a direction I would like to take, but if my liberty to fly models is basically removed, perhaps a risk I would be willing to indulge in. If me, how many others would move into that arena? It strikes me as wholly irresponsible to take such draconian measures against a hobby/industry/breeding ground of innovation that the United States currently has available. Today’s young model fliers will be the motor of the next generations innovators. If you extinguish the fires of innovation in this and the next generation of American youth, you will doom us to buying our future first-rate military and commercial aircraft from the Chinese and French and Australians, countries who recognize that innovation starts in the small grass fields, garages, and driveways of their countries.”