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2020-02-22 19:08:43
“It started with model rockets for me then I moved in to the air powerd air hogs, then i got the rc air hogs planes ( ones with the long steel antenna and the single control stick that was awkward to hold). I started at 11 in the rc flying. An yes times change but restricting the average hobbyest with strict regulations will kill the hobby and it’s my favorite hobby. it’s very mind clearing and calming plus for some like me with a.d.d being creative is natural. I dont want that to be impeded on by a ploy from government to get more cash and another way if invading privacy. The hobby was ment for growing experiences with freind and family the flite test way. I’ve been a loyal follower since Flite test started. And I’m planning on getting into the fpv part of drones (brothers have rc trucks and I wanna film them at full rip in the dirt) and just for fun.”