, Glassboro

, New Jersey

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 19:02:35
“Aviation has been a part of most of my 57 years. Safe , proper operation of any aerial device either RC, autonomous or full sized is paramount to my views as a responsible pilot. We have a shortage of pilots in the pipeline right now and only expected to get worse. Model aviation has and should be a critical stepping stone to entering aviation. Almost without exception, model aviation is conducted by conscientious and concerned aviators. The issue that has prompted this proposal is from individuals that do not subscribe to the gravity of operating any aerial device regardless of how large or small. Implementing this proposal will have a tremendously harmful effect on model aviation. It will most likely have no effect on the egregious and irresponsible operation of primarily “drones” by people who have no respect for safe operation. I urge that this proposal not be implemented.”