, Beulah

, Colorado

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 19:45:12
“I am just getting started with my journey into flying drones. Primarily to add interesting video to my YouTube efforts. My goal is to share video of the world I live in which is rural and somewhat remote. I hope to capture drone video using both DJI style camera drones and FPV cinema drones of mountainous terrain, forests and canyons. Flying close to the earth and along waterways. These are all areas where internet service is not likely to be available and where manned aircraft and large commercial drones for deliverycan not fly safely. In other words areas where remote ID would serve no real purpose. However the current proposal would greatly impact my ability to fly in these areas. Particularly in the case of home built FPV drones or even the ability to purchase an FPV drone compliant with the proposal. As written The small companies that offer parts and ready fly drones are unlikely to be able to jump through the hoops required to provide a product which includeds remote ID.”