, New York

, United States

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2020-02-22 19:55:01
“Much of the U.S. is rural and sparsely populated. Where I live we barely have reliable cell service and my internet is limited to a DSL connection. I own a 200 acre farm and these regulations would prohibit me from flying over my own property. I do not believe we will ever, in my lifetime, see drone deliveries or taxis in my area. It hasn’t been cost effective for companies to provide us with reliable cell service and internet connections so how can it be cost effective to do drone deliveries or drone taxi service in my area. These new regulations may be needed in the future in urban and suburban areas but, I think it is wrong to use a broad brush and blanket the entire U.S. with these restrictions. If a pilot is flying in a populated area I can see the need for remote ID but, let those of us who live in the rural areas fly with less restrictions. The current rules are just fine for rural areas.”